Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

This has been one fun week. (: On manday night we colored eggs..well i colored eggs while Dan studied for a big test. ( he colored 2 and they were the best 2 of them all.)

 it feels like we haven't been up in logan on friday for date night in foreeevvvverrrrr. so naturally we went i went all out planning our date night for friday night. we built a fort, and made a bed out of blankets inside and then we watched James Bond...okay, i slept and Dan watched James bond.
Then saturday i cleaned a lot while Dan studied more for his big test.i made some homemade reeses eggs because i didn't want to spend the money to buy them. (: this is a rrrrreally good recipe if you want it, email me. (:

 but saturday night was the night i had been waiting for for a long long time. (: i got to play Easter Bunny. (: i waited until Dan was fast asleep in bed then i snuck downstairs and decorated the kitchen and got it all ready for breakfast in the morning. i hid his eggs and basket. his basket included warheads, sour patch kids, sour skittles, a cookies and cream chocolate bunny, and a chicken that 'lays' and egg when he walks. hahahha that thing is so funny..but anyway i have had everything ready for easter for the past 3 weeks and have been SOOO excited. so once i had everything hid i was so excited that i could not sleep. i literally laid in bed for 2 hours before falling asleep at 2:30. then i woke up at 4:30. and was so excited again that i couldn't fall back asleep. i got out of bed at 6:15 and made breakfast. it was deeelicious. dan woke up to a great surprise. (: he loved his basket and i had to help him find his easter eggs. my hiding was a little hard. (; 

well that is basically all that has been going on at the bitner house lately. thanks for reading. (:



  1. Karli! It's Kim Hurst/Goodrich from Davis :) It's been forever since we've last talked! I just wanted to stop by and post a comment because I too have a blog and if no one comments I never know if anyone is reading! Your posts are great, you guys sound like everything is wonderful :) I'm way happy for you! - Kim :)

  2. Hi Kim! (: I totally read your blog..haha every last post. (: your little boy is ADORABLE! I am so happy right now, life is great! Only a few more weeks until Matt comes home, right?? (;