Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

This has been one fun week. (: On manday night we colored eggs..well i colored eggs while Dan studied for a big test. ( he colored 2 and they were the best 2 of them all.)

 it feels like we haven't been up in logan on friday for date night in foreeevvvverrrrr. so naturally we went i went all out planning our date night for friday night. we built a fort, and made a bed out of blankets inside and then we watched James Bond...okay, i slept and Dan watched James bond.
Then saturday i cleaned a lot while Dan studied more for his big test.i made some homemade reeses eggs because i didn't want to spend the money to buy them. (: this is a rrrrreally good recipe if you want it, email me. (:

 but saturday night was the night i had been waiting for for a long long time. (: i got to play Easter Bunny. (: i waited until Dan was fast asleep in bed then i snuck downstairs and decorated the kitchen and got it all ready for breakfast in the morning. i hid his eggs and basket. his basket included warheads, sour patch kids, sour skittles, a cookies and cream chocolate bunny, and a chicken that 'lays' and egg when he walks. hahahha that thing is so funny..but anyway i have had everything ready for easter for the past 3 weeks and have been SOOO excited. so once i had everything hid i was so excited that i could not sleep. i literally laid in bed for 2 hours before falling asleep at 2:30. then i woke up at 4:30. and was so excited again that i couldn't fall back asleep. i got out of bed at 6:15 and made breakfast. it was deeelicious. dan woke up to a great surprise. (: he loved his basket and i had to help him find his easter eggs. my hiding was a little hard. (; 

well that is basically all that has been going on at the bitner house lately. thanks for reading. (:


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

These past few weeks have been SO exciting. So many things have happened.. First off, I met my brother-in-law for the first time. (: ha Dan's brother Dave came home from his mission in Russia on Friday the 9th. I had been debating for like a week whether to give him a high five or a hug.. i went for the hug in the end and he didn't think i was a total creep. (: The family was so excited to see him again, i was really excited too! Dave was in a little bit of shock i think when he got home, but he warmed up quite quickly. (: then on Wednesday the 13th, all of the Bitner's went to Disneyland for spring break!!! it was sooo much fun! Going back there reminded me of mine and Dan's honeymoon. good times. we went for three days, the weather was really great on thursday and friday, saturday it was rainy but it made the park desolate. we went on lot and lots of rides on saturday. (: then on sunday it was time to go home. ): when we got to the airport they announced that our flight was overbooked and that anyone who was willing to give up their seat would be given a compensation.. we decided to look into it and we took the offer. instead of getting home at 3:30 like originally we got home at 9:00.. we took a little itty bitty plane to vegas and then had a layover and then came home from vegas in a big huge plane.. the little one scared me quite a bit. ha ask Dan, i was having a panic attack. (: but all in all it was worth it...because Dan and i EACH were given $400 delta credit. (: i've already been planning our 1 year anniversary trip..that is 9 months away. (: haha once i have pictures of this adventure on my computer i will post some. (: but until then..... (:

Monday, January 30, 2012

1 month today.

today marks us being married for one month!! its crazy how fast time has flown by. we have done many fun things in the past month! some of these things have been DISNEYLAND, USU basketball games, going to the gym, having sleepovers in the living room, nerf gun wars, and much much more. we laugh all day, everyday! We are going out to dinner tonight because Dan did so well on his Anatomy test this morning. he got over a 90%! I am so proud of him! i always will be. (:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well, what can we say, we are HAPPILY married. (: I would say finally but we only had to wait 2 months.ha As of right now Dan and I are going to school full time, working a little and playing as much as we can.below are some of the pictures from our wedding.i will keep updating as time goes on. (: until next time! --Karli (all photo's by emily bailey photography)